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East Earl, PA 17519

1141 Wea-Wit Street

Mar 1, 2023  -  Mar 25, 2023. Lots begin to close on Saturday March 25, 2023 @ 9:00 am

PA Auction Center


Public Auction Information

Fantastic Fred Wolf Sign & Advertising Auction with additions
Saturday March 25, 2023 @ 9:00 am
Location: 1141 Wea Wit Street, East Earl, PA 17519
This is a cataloged auction with live & online bidding available starting at 9:00 am.

Highlights for this auction include:
TIN SIGNS: "Hyvis Oil" Single Sided, "Pennzoil" Single Sided, "Gulf Antifreeze" Chalkboard Sign, "Phillips 66 Tires" Embossed, (2) "Coca-Cola" Single Sided, "Rich's Ice Cream" Single Sided, "Gulf Supreme" Embossed, "Standard Gasoline" Single Sided, "Gulfpride" Single Sided, "7Up" Single Sided, "Welch-Penn" Single Sided, "Member YCA" Single Sided, "Taylor-Made" Embossed, "Hyvis" Embossed, "PRR" Single Sided, "Cherry Pepsin" Single Sided, "Pennstate Oils" Embossed, "Trico" Embossed, "Squirt" Embossed, "Richardson" Embossed, "Chief Paints" Double Sided, "AC Oil Filter" Embossed, Partial "Chevrolet" Embossed, "Gulflex" Embossed, "Semperit" Embossed, "Mobile Tires" Embossed, "Richlube" Embossed, & Many More!
PORCELAIN SIGNS: "Gulf" Double Sided, "Gulf Oil Co" Single Sided, (3) "Gulf Gasoline" Single Sided, "Goodrich" Flange, "Buffalo Turbine" Flange, "Sinclair Opaline" Single Sided, "Gulflube" Double Sided, "Exide" Single Sided, (2) "No Smoking" Single Sided, "Men" & "Ladies" Restroom Signs, "Clean Restrooms" Double Sided, "Gulf No-Nox" Flange, "Dealer Agency" Single Sided, "Atlantic" Single Sided, "Goodrich" Single Sided, "Ladies Room" Double Sided, "Taylor" Double Sided, "Supreme" Single Sided, "Gulflex" Single Sided, "Danger High Voltage" Single Sided, "Quaker State" Double Sided, "Oakland Pontiac" Double Sided, "Sinclair" Single Sided, "Supreme Auto Oil" Single Sided, "Coca-Cola" Single Sided, "Buick" Single Sided, (2) "Magnolia Gasoline" Double Sided, "Derby Gasoline" Double Sided, "Red Crown Gasoline" Double Sided, "Fleet Wing" Double Sided, "Gulf Credit Cards" Double Sided, "Tiolene Motor Oil" Double Sided, "Texaco" Double Sided, "Pontiac" Double Sided, "Richfield" Double Sided", 2 Sided Porcelain Skelly Sign, Silvertown Accessories Porcelain Sign, Double Sided Porcelain Barber Shop Flange Sign & Many More!
METAL SIGNS: "Quaker State" Domed Metal Sign, (4) "Coca-Cola" Button Signs, "Richland Tires" Embossed, "Wolf's Head" Embossed, "Briggs & Stratton" Double Sided, "Humble Rest Rooms" Double Sided, "Men" & "Ladies" Flange, "Gulf" Restroom Key Hanger Sign, (2) "Wolf's Head" Flange, "Gulflex" Single Sided, "Summit Tires" Embossed, "Fallout Shelter" Single Sided, "Richlube" Double Sided, "Wolf's Head" Double Sided, "Gulf No-Nox" Double Sided Price Sign, "Kelly Builds Quality" Single Sided, "Good Gulf" Single Sided, "Gulf Super" Single Sided, "Full Cash" Double Sided, "Polarine" Double Sided, "Exide" Flange, "Good Gulf" Double Sided Price Sign, "Dr. Pepper" Flange, "Richfield" Flange, "Gulf" Single Sided Payment Sign, (2) "Firestone" Single Sided, "Gulf Rittenhouse" Single Sided, "Coca-Cola" Double Sided Metal Sign in Metal Frame, (2) "Gulf" Single Sided, "Gulf" Double Sided, "Flying A Service" Double Sided, Chevrolet Corvette Parts Metal Sign, Gulf Aviation Products Metal Sign, & Many More!
THERMOMETERS, CANS & ADVERTISING: "C&L Goodhart" Tin Thermometer, "Tropigas" Tin Thermometer, "Drink Coca-Cola Metal Thermometer, "Bingham Coop" Tin Thermometer, & Many More!
GAS PUMPS AND OTHER STORE RELATED ITEMS: Double Sided "Gulf" Double Gas Pump, "Gulf" Single Double-Sided Gas Pump with Gulf globe, (2) "Gulf" Single Double-Sided Gas Pumps, "Gulf" Gas Pump, Eco Tireflator Air Pump, "The Mercury" Newspaper Vending Machine, Cavalier Corp "Coca-Cola" Vending Machine, "Coca Cola" Soda Machine, Old Gold Cigarettes Metal Display Rack, Buy Hershey's Ice Cream Lighted Clock, Underwriters Laboratories Inc Inspected Waste Can, Willard Batteries Metal Stand, Gargoyl Mobiloil "E" Pump om Stand, Sunoco Mercury Made Motor Oil Porcelain Bottle Rack, "Coca-Cola" Vendo Dime Operated Vending Machine, and more to come.

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