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Scott Auctions 2 day Living Estate Auction

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Jetmore, KS 67854


Oct 4, 2019  -  Oct 5, 2019. 10 am

Scott Auctions 2 day Living Estate Auction

Public Auction Information

#1A 1931 Ford Model A Deluxe Roadster Convertible, 100% restored, runs & is parade ready, 1929 4cyl. eng, 3sp manual trans, rumble seat, 2 front fender mounted 19" spares on yellow spoke wheels w/vinyl covers, rear wood lined luggage rack, rumble seat steps on passenger rear bumper and fender, etched glass wing windows, tan body paint, black fenders, yellow pin stripes, lots of extra factory chrome trim, very nice - Kansas title (pics)
#1B 1946 Ford Super Deluxe 2 Door Coupe, 20? yr old repaint, all original eng/trans/interior, 77,239 act. miles, matching flathead V8, 3 on the tree, lots post war extras, fog lights, spot light, up grade dash w/clock & in-dash AM/FM radio (original not working), heater, rubber fender protectors, Kansas title I like IKE front tag, (pics)
#1 1971 Chevrolet Cheyenne 20 pickup, yellow & white, 350 V8, AT, LWB, runs, vin# CCE242S102156 - (pics)
#2 1961 Pontiac Bonneville, Big Block 389 V8, AT, eng. runs, light green, original, vin# 861K5136 - (pics)
#3 1963? Ford Galaxie 500, blue, 352 V8, AT, 17,511 mi showing, vin 4G62X162511 - (pics)
#4 1963? Chevrolet Belair 4dr., blue, 283 V8 eng. runs, 3sp, vin# 31669K1F5649 (pics)
#5 1940/41? Oldsmobile Straight 8, green, 8cyl, 3sp, 90,359 mi, - (style# 41-3919, body# 4677, trim# 1, Paint# 29A) (pics)
#6 1943/45? Oldsmobile Hydra-Matic Drive, blue, 6 cyl, eng. turn over, Straight stick AT, 79,824 miles, vin# 76-170311 (pics)
#7 1937 Nash LaFayette 400, green, 4 door suicide doors, 6 cyl, standard, Model 3710, 03696 mi, vin# 3718-8709 (pics)
#8 1942 Buick Straight Torpedo style, gray, fenders will be added to lot, Vin# 14287622, style# 42-4507, body# 527, trim# 52 OK, Paint# 21, (pics)
#9 1952 Buick Eight Special, 4dr, green, 30136 mi, vin# 46559304, model# 410, Style# 52-4369D, Body# BK3310, Trim# 41, Paint# 8, body by Fisher (pics)
#10 1951 Buick Eight Super Dynaflow, green, 55,933 mi, AT, 8 cyl, vin# 46065217, model# 562, style# 51-4537, body# BK754, trim# 50, paint# 14 - (pics)
#11 1970? Chevrolet Monte Carlo, 2dr, green, no eng, no trans, parts car (pics)
#12 6'x10' GI truck bed - (pics)
#13 1977 Ford Granada Coupe, 250 6 cyl, 3sp on floor, red, should run, bill of sale only, vin# 7W82L256785 (pics)
#14 1981? Chevrolet ElCamino, burgundy, V6 3.6L, AT, 87741 mi, bill of sale only (pics)
#15 1970? Ford Torino GT 2dr Fast Back, black & yellow, 351 V8, AT included but not installed, 32530 mi, vin 0A35M149716T, Original builders papers found under carpet, (pics)
#16 1963/66? Kaiser/Jeep Corporation 300 4x4 single axle dually truck, wood deck flatbed, 6cyl, 4sp, 1106 miles, vin# 3406D10307 (pics)
#17 1967/70? Kaiser Jeep Corporation 3000 4x4 truck, cab & chassis, 350 Buick V8, 4sp, 04978 mi, vin# 3406XL9300334L, driver seat only (pics)
#18 Ford Model A parts truck (pics)
#19 Home built tractor cab for McCormick Deering made from Plymouth coupe (pics)
#20 Nash car frame/chassis vin# 72839-P (pics)
#21 1935 Ford parts pickup (pics)
#22 Ford Model A frame, parts, pieces (pics)
#23 1950 Chevrolet Panel wagon on 1976 Chev. 3500 4x4 truck frame, 350 V8, bos only (pics)
#24 1972 Ford Explorer 100 pickup, Factory AC, V8, AT, green, vin# F10YKP28847 (pics)
#25 1975 Ford Custom 250 pickup, red, 390 V8, Edelbrock manifold & headers, new mufflers & exhaust, 10720 mi, eng. runs, vin F25MLV83153, title, fresh paint, unfinished rebuild project (pics)
#26 1988 Chevrolet Silverado 30 Bonus Cab dually, black, 454 V8, AT, eng. Locked up, no title, vin# 1GCHR33N0JJ117834, black (pics)
#27 1963 Ford F600 Custom Cab grain truck, V8, 4/2sp, 51427 mi, vin# F60MK463315 (pics)
#28 1942 Chevrolet 1 ½ ton flatbed truck, 6 cyl, 4sp, vin# KS112838? (pics)
#29 1958 Chevrolet Viking 60 grain truck, 6 cyl, 4sp, green, 20133 mi, vin# 6C58K131649 (pics)
#30 1949 Chevrolet 6400 truck, 25070 mi, vin# 5TWSE466(7)(1)? (pics)
#31 1963 Chevrolet C60 bobtail grain truck, blue, 327 V8, AT, 4/2sp, 76895 mi, vin# 4C633S191237 (pics)
#32 1958 Chevrolet Viking 60 Grain truck, 40591 mi, 6 cyl, 4/2/sp, vin# 6C58K124S64 (pics)
#33 1965 Chevrolet C60, 327 V8, 4/2sp, 30,000 mi, vin# 3C653S173164 (pics)
#34 1949 Chevrolet 6400 Grain truck, 6 cyl, should run, 4sp, 87707 mi, vin# 5TWS1715L (pics)
#35 1955/56 Chevrolet 5100 cab forward cab & front frame only, 327 V8, 4sp., (pics)
#36 1949? Chevrolet Loadmaster 3 window truck cab, original, on front axle frame, no eng, parts (pics)
#37 1943/44 Chevrolet 1 ½ ton truck cab w/eng. Green (pics)
#38 1937 Dodge 1½ ton truck, 6 cyl, 4sp, eng. Free, mod.# RR37, Ser# 8426027, vin# 12-2lR21644 (pics)
#39 1939/40? Ford 1 ½ ton grain truck, Flathead V8, 4sp, motor rebuilt in the 60's, vin# 27L279 (pics)
#40 1946? Ford 1 ½ ton cab & Chassis, Flathead V8, 4sp, 4sp, (pics)
#41 1954? Ford F600 cab & chassis, 239 V8, 4/2sp, 68781 mi, vin# F60V4K12672 (pics)
#42 1962/63? Ford F100 pickup, 6 cyl, 3sp floor shift, red, 95772 mi, vin# F10JK52056, eng. free, wont run (pics)
#43 1979 Chevrolet C10 pickup Chassis, no body, 2x4, 6 cyl 250cc., (pics)
#44 1964-69? Ford F250 pickup, 6 cyl, 4sp, blue, 73676 mi, vin# F25BK772069 (pics)
#45 1973/74? Dodge motorhome chassis, 440 v8, AT, parts vehicle, vin# R50CA44019494 (pics)
#46 1940"s Studebaker truck, cab & chassis, parts, vin# M5C239240 (pics)
#47 1937? International truck cab chopped frame, 6 cyl, 4sp, (pics)
#48 1982? Chevrolet motorhome chassis, 454 V8, AT, parts (pics)
#49 1974 Chrysler New Yorker, Parts car, top crushed in, 383 V8, AT, no title (pics)
#50 1973 Chryser Newport, 4dr, 383 V8, AT, no title, green, vin CL43N8C166495 (pics)
#51 1952 Desoto Firedome 4dr, Hemi V8, Powerflight AT, bill of sale, Vin# 55196485 - (pics)
#52 1955 Pontiac station wagon, red, Pontiac Stroto Streak V8, AT, no title (pics)
#53 1973 Plymouth Scamp 2dr coupe, 318 V8, AT, eng. runs, blue & white, BOS (pics)
#54 1974 Plymouth Duster 2dr Coupe, 318 V8, AT, eng. free, BOS (pics)
#55 1967 Plymouth Fury III 2dr coupe, 383 V8, AT, BOS (pics)
#56 1972/73? Plymouth Satellite 4dr sedan, 340? V8, AT, BOS vin# RH41G2G222057 (pics)
#57 1972 Plymouth Gran Sedan 4dr, yellow, 400 V8, AT, (pics)
#58 1973/74 Dodge Charger SE, no eng/trans, fenders, doors, body parts present sale day (pics)
#59 1973 Dodge Charger SE, no eng/trans, fenders, doors, complete body (pics)
#60 1951 Chev. Stepside ½ ton pickup, no eng., trans yes. (pics)
#61 1949? Ford F6 1 ½ ton cab & chassis, 292 V8 retro fit eng, 4sp, vin# 98MTH12862 (pics)
#62 1964 Chev. Pickup Cab & Chassis, only, primer (pics)
#63 1964? Chevrolet 10 Long bed pickup, 350 V8, AT, white (pics)
#64 1963/64? Chevrolet 10 Long bed pickup, 6 cyl, 4sp, yellow (pics)
#65 1959 Chevrolet Biscayne 4dr sedan, pink, no eng/trans/tires (pics)
#66 1965 Oldsmobile Delta 88, 454 V8, AT, white, BOS (pics)
#67 1961/62 Pontiac Bonneville 4dr, V8, AT, BOS (pics)
#68 2003 Chevrolet Tahoe SUV, 2x4, good motor, trans, parts vehicle, no title, BOS (pics)
#69 1950 Chevrolet 4400 1 ½ ton truck, 6cyl, should run, BOS (pics)
#70 1971 Chevrolet Pickup cab and Long bed, no frame, no eng/trans, parts (pics)
#71 1971 Chevrolet 10 Custom Deluxe 4x4 Cab & Chassis, 350 V8, 400 AT, BOS (pics)
#72 1967 Chevrolet 10 Step side, no eng,/trans, parts truck, BOS (pics)
#73 1967? Chevrolet C10 Cab only (pics)
#74 1999 Ford F150 Lariat Super Cab, red, fiberglass topper, V8, AT, no title, BOS, Parts vehicle (pics)
#75 1995 Land Rover SUV chassis & eng/trans, totaled body, BOS parts vehicle (pics)
#76 1974 GMC 3500 Dually flatbed, 454 V8, on LP, should run, 4sp, BOS (pics)
#77 1982 Chevrolet 30 Custom Deluxe cab & chassis, V8, 4sp, parts truck, BOS (pics)
#78 1971 Chevrolet Monte Carlo, parts car, no eng, vin# 71-13857L05973 (pics)
#79 1928 Chevrolet Truck frame & firewall, 6 cyl, 4sp, parts (pics)
#80 1950's Dodge Wayfarer Fluid Drive 2dr Coupe on 1986 Ford Chassis, project vehicle (pics)
#81 1942/43? Chevrolet ½ ton pickup, ser# 2243, 6cyl, 4sp (pics)
#82 1941 Ford truck cab w/flat head V8 eng., parts (pics)
#83 1922? IHC truck frame & firewall, 4cyl, eng, parts (pics)
#84 1922? IHC truck cab & chassis, 4cyl, 4sp, parts (pics)
#85 1928? Ford Model A motor on frame, used to power grain grinder, parts (pics)
#86 1948? Ford F-5 truck cab & front frame, flathead V8, 4sp, yellow, parts (pics)
#87 1945? IHC KB-5 truck cab & front frame, 6cyl, 4sp, parts (pics)
#88 1958 Chevrolet 60 Viking cab & front frame, 6 cyl, 4sp, no radiator, parts (pics)
#89 1964 Ford F-100 short wide bed pickup, 292 V8, 4sp, parts (pics)
#90 1950? Plymouth Cambridge 2dr Coupe, 6 cyl, 3sp, BOS (pics)
#91 1950's Renault Doiiphine rear eng. 4dr, car, BOS only (pics)
#92 1971 Chevrolet truck/pickup cab only (pics)
#93 1946/47? IHC KB-6 Cab on front frame, 6 cyl eng, 4 sp tans, parts (pics)
#94 1955 Chev shop built dune buggy project, part car (pics)
#95 1970 Chev C10 pickup cab only, factory AC, parts (pics)
#96 1967 Chev pickup cab only, parts (pics)
#97 1960's Chev step side pickup bed, 8' long narrow bed, parts (pics)
#98 1967 Ford F100 Cab & Chassis, factory AC, 290 V8, AT, brown, BOS (pics)
#99 1967? Ford F100 Cab & Chassis, Factory AC dash, trans, Long wide bed, green, parts (pics)
#100 1970's Chevrolet C10 skeleton cab (pics)
#101 1970's Ford F100 long bed only (pics)
#102 1979 Ford F100 Custom, long wide bed, 351 v8, AT, blue/silver, no grill, should run, BOS (pics)
#103 1986? Chevrolet 30 4x4 1 ton pickup, 454 V8, 4sp, HD gears & transfer case, runs but smokes, (pics)
#104 1979 Chevrolet 30 Cab & front frame 454 V8, 400 AT, eng free, parts (pics)
#105 1956 Ford F600 Cab & front frame, 292 V8, 4sp, eng. should run, parts (pics)
#106 1990 Isuzu mini pickup, 4 cyl, 5sp, red, (pics)
#107 1949 Chevrolet 24 passenger Fisher body school bus, parts (pics)
#108 1960's Chevrolet step side long bed only - (pics)
#109 1982 Isuzu MPG Plus mini pickup, 4 cyl. Diesel, 4sp, runs, yellow, title? (pics)
#110 1946 Ford Coupe, Chevy V8, 3sp trans, straight body, eng. runs, ready to restore (pics)
#111 1954 Ford F-1 step side pickup, yellow, previously restored, 289 V8, AT, runs good/fair condition (pics)
#112 1954 Chevrolet Coupe, 6 cyl, 3sp, runs, ready to restore, interior poor, body straight (pics)
#113 1956 Chevrolet 6400 truck cab on 1990's 2x4 pickup suspension, 454 V8, AT, runs ready to rebuild, interior fair, no bed (pics)
#114 1970 Volkswagon VW Beetle BAJA conversion, Orange, Runs, True barnfind, body good, straight, (pics)
#115 1967 Chevrolet C10 regular cab long wide bed pickup, two tone, gold/white, 283 V8, 3sp on floor, runs, straight body, interior fair, ready to restore (pics)
#116 1956 Chevrolet 2dr "Handy Man" station wagon, V8, AT, not running, straight body, all body parts included, very restorable. (pics)
#117 1958 Chevrolet Belair hard top 2 door coupe, no eng, very straight for rebuild (pics)
#118 1960 Chevrolet Belair hard top 2 door coupe, no eng., very straight for rebuild (pics)
#119 1951 Chevrolet 1 ½ ton grain truck, 6 cyl, 4sp, hyd hoist, very straight, restorable (more pics when it gets moved in line) (pic1)
#120 1970 Chevrolet Nova Coupe, V8, AT, all body parts & glass, very restorable parts car (pics)
#121 1935 Chevrolet 1 ½ ton truck, front clip & front chassis, 6 cyl, 4sp, good parts truck (pics)
#122 1942-44? Dodge GI Command Car, 4x4, 6 cyl, 4sp, front winch, complete very restorable and rare (pics)
#123 1942-44? Dodge GI truck cab on 1976 Chevrolet 2500 4x4 running gear & frame w350 V8 & 4sp & flatbed, matches up nice for a buildable project (pics)
#124 1954 Chevrolet C-3600 one ton pickup, all original, step side bed, 6 cyl, 4sp, rare barn find, runs, has LP regulator and tank, (pics)
#125 1961 Chevrolet Apache 10 cab & chassis, 327 V8, AT, 4x4, runs, straight & restorable, vin 1K154K111528 (pics)
#126 1966 Toyota Land Cruiser 4x4 6cyl, 3sp, white, 2dr, runs, good interior, jump seats, barn find (pics)
#127 1973 Chevrolet Corvette, blue, 350 V8, 4sp standard, Runs needs interior restoration, tee-tops, barn find, very restorable (pics)
#128 1942-1944 Chevrolet GI 4x4 single axle military truck Cab & Chassis 2 ton, runs, straight body, barn find (pics)
#129 1983 Pontiac Trans-am, Tee-tops, New windshield, new front quarter, most body work done, 350 V8, AT, runs, interior need restore, unfinished project car, vin# 1G1AP87HXCL157296 (pics)
#130 1959 Ford Fairlane 500 Galaxie 4dr, 292 V8, AT, complete and restorable (pics)
#131 1935 Chevrolet Wayne body school bus "RAT ROD" on 1980's Chev. motorhome chassis, 454 V8, NOW RUNNING, AT, from Buffalo OK school dist., project in motion (pics)
#132 1942-44 GMC GI duce & half 6x6 tandem truck, 6 cyl, 4sp, should run, shedded (pics)
#133 1942/43? Chevrolet Cab Forward 1 ½ ton truck, cab complete, 6 cyl, 4sp, very nice front end (pics)
#134 1952/53? Chevrolet 2 door sedan, parts car, 6 cyl, 3sp (pics)
#135 1949/50? GMC Cab Forward truck cab only, complete w/fenders (pics)
#136 Ford Model A sedan cab, frame, motor, parts, axles, bed, fenders, parts car (pics)
#137 1937 Ford pickup RAT ROD, 429 V8 Ford, AT 4sp, engine runs, Rare Anthony dump bed, Project in motion (pics)
#138 1970/71 Triumph Spitfire, 4 cyl, good body, barn find parts /project car, shedded (pics)
#139 1949 Lincoln 4dr sedan Roadster, suicide doors, already chopped, good work, Air ride Suspension w/pump, complete 4 bar rear suspension, Flathead Lincoln V8, 3sp on floor, Fresh eng. over haul, believe all parts and trim are with car, nice body work so far, project ready to finish. (pics)
#140 Chrysler Hemi Big Block V8 on LP, stationary engine used on barge dredge, new overhaul, runs, very nice usable engine (pic1) (pic2)
#141 1968? Javalin SST 2 door, 343 V8, AT, green, runs, good body, fair interior, barn find, good builder (pics)
#142 1977 Dodge Tradesman 200 conversion van, runs, good interior, custom paint, runs, title, vin# B25BF7K167296 (pics)
#143 1971 Ford Mustang, 351 V8, AT, good body, poor interior, vinyl top gone, runs, barn find, title?, very restorable (pics)
#144 1926 Ford Model T 2 dr sedan, true barn find, good body very restorable, poor top, engine complete but partly dismantled, (pics)
#145 1947 Diamond T 1 ½ ton grain truck, older restoration, runs, good paint, 261 Chev. 6 cyl truck eng, Good cab, chrome front grill, very nice, title (pics)
#146 1940/41? Ford Cab Forward 1 ½ ton grain truck, original very nice unrestored barn find, flathead V8, 4sp, grain bed, runs, (pics)
#147 1971 Chevrolet ElCamino pickup, blue, white interior, All original, 350 V8, AT, AC, 79,000 act. Miles, unrestored, runs, shedded, title (pics)
#148 1959 Chevrolet Impala 2dr hard top, very restorable barn find, BOS, comes w/matching # motor, needs rebuilt (pics)
#149 1937? Ford 1 ½ ton truck, all original barn find, 85 hp flathead V8, 4sp, grain bed, should run, very restorable (pics)
#150 1928 Ford Model A-R Truck, left hand brake, 4 cyl. Orig. eng, Wire spoke wheels, new tires, 4sp, runs, very restorable, galvanized tin top on cab, shedded (pics)
#151 1957 Chevrolet BelAir 4 dr hard top, very restorable barn find, V8 Chev motor plus orig. matching # motor goes with car, interior poor, good body (pics)
#152 1934 Ford 1 ½ ton grain truck, orig. flathead Ford V8, 4sp, should run, very good barn find (pics)
#153 1932 Chevrolet "Confederate" 4dr Suicide door sedan, 6cyl, original, wood & body very good, very restorable barn find, should run (pics)
#154 1926 Ford Model-T 2 door car, good body, 4 cyl, should run, interior poor, straight complete body, very restorable, shedded (pics)
#155 1961 Chevrolet Impala 2door "Bubble Top" parts car, body good from firewall back, no eng, no front clip, good glass (pics)
#156 1961 Buick Special station wagon, parts, Nail Head V8 all alum rare eng, 3sp, eng turns free (pics)
#157 1949-1950? Chevrolet 1/2 ton step side body & frame, parts (pics)
#158 1970 Chevrolet Nova Coupe, 6CYL, AT, parts car, no doors (pics)
#159 GM pickup frame, rear end, parts (pics)
#160 1920's Ford touring body on GM Chassis, parts (pics)
#161 Ford Model T truck cab parts (pics)
#162 Ford Model T truck cab, Model A rumble seat body parts, etc (pics)
#163 1965 Westcoaster 3 wheel postal vehicle, parts (pics)
#164 1962/3? Volkswagen 15 window bus, parts, lots good glass (pics)
#165 1984 Datsun Nissan 300ZX Turbo, silver, Tee Tops, vin JN1CZ14S0EX011389 (pics)
#166 1986 Datsun Nissan 300ZX Turbo, red, Tee Tops, vin JN1CZ14S4GX106864 (pics)
#167 1978 Dodge W20 3/4 ton 4x4 Power Wagon, 440 V8, AT, Reg cab, Green/white, vin W248J8S156228 (pics)
#168 1971 Ford Thunderbird, no front clip, eng or trans, 9" rear end, parts (pics)
#169 1983 Jeep Grand Wagoneer 4x4, V8, should run (pics)
#170 1984 Jeep Grand Wagoneer 4x4, V8, should run vin# 1JCNJ15N1ET041076 (pics)
#171 1978 Cadillac Fleetwood Broughm, should run, vin 6B69S8Q178485 (pics)
#172 1949 Chevrolet Deluxe convertible coupe, parts car, no hood, no eng, no trunk lid (pics)
#173 1935/36 Chevrolet truck frame & firewall, dash, cowling, 6 cyl. eng, transmission, parts, vin # 3GC12-4009, (pics)
#174 1940's Ford stepside pickup bed & door, trailer hitch. (pics)
#175 1949? Chevrolet Loadmaster 1 1/2 ton bobtail truck, 6cyl, 4sp, no carburator but should run, vin 5RWA1227, aluminum frame grain bed, no sides (pics)
#176 1965/66? Chevrolet C10 Custom Cab & Chassis, large rear window model, 283 V8, 4sp, Parts (pics)
#177 1949 Chevrolet 2 dr coupe, no front clip, no drivers door, (pics)
#178 1964 Chevrolet Elcamino 6 cyl, AT, parts (pics)
#179 1949? Jeep pickup cab & frame, Ford Flathead V8 conversion, parts, front fenders in cab (pics)
#180 1974 Buick Centry Luxus 2 dr. coupe, parts, no eng, no hood (pics)
#181 1980 Chevrolet C10 Custom Deluxe 2x4 reg. cab short bed pickup, no engine, 3sp. transmission, (pics)
#182 1967-70 Chevrolet step side bed, no fenders, good tailgate (pics)
#183 1967-70 Chevrolet chassis only for short bed reg. cab, front disc brakes (pics)
#184 1970's Chevrolet 10 cab & Chassis, parts, vin CE140J141675, no front clip (pics)
#185 1954 Ford step side short pickup bed only, trailer tongue (pics)
#186 1970 International Scout 800, 4x4 rebuilder, V8, 4sp, runs, title?, top included, top is poor (pics)
#187 1994 GMC 1500 Sierra SL reg. cab, 2x4, red, Rebuilt transmission, starter bolt broken off in eng, Title, vin# 1GTEK14Z7RZ528283 (pics)
#188 1942 Ford 2 door coupe, no hood/eng/trans, parts car (pics)
#189 1942 Ford 2 door coupe, no hood/eng/trans, parts car (pics)
#190 1935? Ford pickup Cab & chassis, no front clip or eng., parts only (pics)
#191 1947? Chevrolet Fleetline Coupe, no eng. parts, Dodge hood (pics)
#192 1946? Chevrolet Stylemaster Coupe w/eng, parts, rear chopped for pickup (pics)
#193 Triumph Spitfire parts only (pics)
#194 Triumph Spitfire parts only (pics)
#195 Triumph Spitfire parts only (pics)
#196 MG Miget parts car only (pics)
#197 Triumph Spitfire parts only (pics)
#198 1984 AMC Eagle Limited Wagon, 4x4, Parts (pics)
#199 1964 Chevrolet Impala, parts, (pics)
#200 1964 Chevrolet Impala, parts, (pics)
#201 1984 AMC Eagle Wagon 4x4, vin 2CCCK3855EB702835, parts, (pics)
#202 1927 Ford Model A Truck chassis w/Retcel Rear end & 2 Speed, 4 cyl. eng, & transmission, Running boards and front fenders (pics)
#203 2 Ford 1936/37? truck Chassis parts (pics)
#204 Ford 1936/37 chassis w/flathead V8 eng.- parts (pics)
#205 1935-40? Ford pickup cab on Studebaker frame, parts (pics)
#206 1928 Chevrolet Truck, eng. & transmission, parts (pics)
#207 1962/63? GMC 1/2 ton step side pickup cab & chassis, no eng, bed off, parts (pics)
#208 1949 Ford F1 Step side pickup, 6 cyl, transmission, parts (pics)
#209 Ford Model A pickup bed trailer (pics)
#210 1985? Pontiac Firebird, red, parts (pics)
#211 1985? Pontiac Firebird, white, parts (pics)
#212 1978? Buick LeSabre Custom, 4dr Green, 455 V8 eng, AT (pics)
#213 1960 Ford F350 1 ton dually flatbed pickup, 292 V8, 4sp, (pics)
#214 Crosley 2 dr car body & chassis, parts vin# CC46-3681 (pics)
#215 1951 Chevrolet 6400 1 1/2 ton grain truck, 6 cyl, 4sp, Green, straight body (pics)
#216 1949 Chevrolet 6400 1 1/2 ton grain truck, 6 cyl, 4sp, green, good straight body (pics)
#217 1947 International 1 1/2 ton K-5 or K6 flatbed truck, 6 cyl, 4sp, winch bed (pics)
#218 1965? Ford Mustang, back half & interior burned, front clip usable, no eng (pics)
#219 1941/42? Military ambulance cab only, good doors & dash, parts (pics)
#220 1948/49? Chevrolet Loadmaster 1 1/2 ton grain truck, 6 cyl, 4sp, green, good cab (pics)
#221 1963 International 3/4 ton 4x4 pickup, V8, 4sp, grey. (pics)
#222 1955? Chevrolet 6400 Cab & front chassis, cut off behind cab, orange, no doors, no hood, parts (pics)
#223 1950's Ford stepside pickup bed & rear axle (pics)
#224 1960 Chevrolet C60 28 passenger School bus, converted to bunk house camper, 327 V8, 4sp, should run (pics)
#225 1979 Ford F350 Custom cab & front frame, cut off behind cab, 351 big block V8, 4sp, eng. turns free (pics)
#226 1992 Lincoln Towncar, 4.6L V8, AT, high miles, needs air bags, should run, title? (pics)
#227 1978 Mercury Cougar, 2dr, 351 V8, AT, Title, should run (pics)
#228 1970 Pontiac LaMans 2dr hard top, no motor, good builder (pics)
#229 1949 Willy's 1/2 ton pickup, 4x4, short bed, runs & drives, odo. not working, 4 cyl, 3sp, (pics)
(OK) 1961 Chevrolet Impala 4dr sedan, parts car, good body, no eng, good glass, good front clip (front clip would fit #155 Impala
(OK) 1963/64 Mercury Comet convertible body for parts, complete body
4/5 vintage motorcycle & scooters for parts bikes, and snow mobile (pics)
2 nice usable 1957 Chevrolet car hoods (pics)
Two wheel tow dolly, white (pic1)

Lots vintage 4/6/8 cyl motors, transmissions, 30's to the 80's, Lots Flathead V8 Ford engines(shedded) -
1972 Chevrolet 454 V8 eng. and 400 Auto Trans, numbers book to '72 Corvettes, starts & runs (pic1) (pic2)
1957Chevrolet "No Side Motor Mounts" 283 V8 eng.core, needs OH, numbers book to '57 Corvette/passenger car/truck (pic1) (pic2)
2 rebuildable Chevrolet 348 V8 engines, good blocks. Pictured one test run, sounds good- (pic1)
Rebuildable Chevrolet 348 V8 block & crank (pics)
Lots Chassis & rear end parts, Ford & Chevrolet, some 9" rear ends (pics)
Vintage Hobart welder w/4 cyl. flat head Ford engine (pics)

Doz's lots vintage Carburetors, generators, alternators, starters, eng. parts, hub caps, beauty rings, tear drop headlights, shedded, and Lots vintage license plates, eng. parts, tires & wheels (pics)
Dozens of sets of NEW OLD STOCK ORIGINAL gasket sets, 30-40-50's Chev & Ford & Mopar, V8 & 6cyl & 4 cyl. (pics)
100's Boxes NOS original Ford motor & ignition, rings & car parts, in the vintage flathead V8 boxes (pics)
2 50's Chevrolet and 1 40's Ford pickup beds for parts (pics)
Front clip for antique GMC truck (pics)
4 sprint car alum racing wings, different sizes (pics)
Small Metal truck bed & tip top - misc vintage truck body & frame parts (pics)
Chrome grill guard (pic1)
60's/70's Chev. tail gate (pic1)
Pair nice Jeep Doors, (pic1)
Pair 1950's Ford Stepside pickup bed fenders & running boards (pic1) (pic2)
2 metal Model A metal trunks (pics)
Vintage school bus red lights (pic1)
2 Red & blue overhead law enforcement light bars (pic1)

Morgan Cycle reproduction vintage red small tricycle (pics)
Large metal enamel advertising signs,
- Cargill Feed never used or hung,
Vintage Skelly Oil Enamel sign, one sided, approx 4'x4', (pic1)
3 vintage Standard Oil enamel signs, one sided, approx 2'x6', good condition, (pic1) (pic2)
Vintage lighted "Service Dept." sign (pic1)
Ford Motorcraft Batteries yard sign, one sided (pic1)
Vintage highway stop sign (pic1)
Antique & Vintage Skelly HD Motor Oil NOS canned oil (pic1)
. Lots New Old Stock, Origianal vintage spark plugs (pic1)
Several vintage gas pumps, brass fuel nozzels (pics)
Southwest Pump Company red vintage Standard service station gas pump (pics)
Sinclair H-C red & green vintage Bennett mod. 541 service station gas pump (pics)
Gasboy vintage service station pump (pic1) (pic2)
Tokheim red vintage service station pump (pics)
Big A Service Center cabinet (pic1) Marquette M-135 tac and dwell test cabinet (pic1) (pic2)
Allen Electric Equip. Co. distributor test cabinet (pic1) (pic2)
King System Motor Tune-up machine (pic1) (pic2) (pic3)
Vintage Chambers 40" white enamel gas range, dbl ovens, 3 burner & deep fryer plus dbl burner gridle, very good (pics)
Majestic antique wood/coal burning kitchen cook stove w/warming top, cast iron cook top w/cook plates, useable condition, shedded
Vintage meters (pics)
Selection of vintage cream cans and aluminum beer kegs - various sizes (pics)
Several vintage bicycles (pics)
Antique outboard boat motors (pic1)
20+ pieces vintage farm equipment yard art, horse drawn and small early pieces, steel implement wheels (pics)
Vintage fire hydrants, good yard art - (pics)
Castiron water pumps (pic1)
Old vintage commercial steel sign posts & light fixture (pics)
Vintage combination strong box (pic1)
Vintage drive on lube rack for automobiles (pic1)
1920's Universal Tool Co. "Hand Cut" cylinder reboreing tool, in case
100# black smiths anvil (pic1)

Vintage black smiths forge (pic1)
Vintage forge blower (pic1)
Round peddle sharpening grind stone (pic1)
Lot of 100's wire gym locker baskets (pic1)
Antique belt drive BUZZ Saw (pic1)
Several sections wind mill fan blades and 3 complete windmill head w/complete fan (pics)
Vintage 12v wind charger head (pic1) (pic2)

Antique MARVEL cylinder boreing machine, line drive (pics)
Waverly Oil Company cast iron filling station advertising sign base (pic1)
Vintage manual post drill (pic1)
Boxes antique car parts
Several ACME Automotive Paint Chip color books, vehicles 1954-64 and 1962-1970
United 1934-50 service manual book, Vintage parts books and service manuals
1950 bearing & gasket cross reference guide manuals (pic1)
Chilton manuals - 1974, 1976, 1978
Dozens vintage licence plates (pic1) (pic2)
White enamel cast iron clawfoot bath tubs (pic1)
Thor Vintage wringer clothes washer, elec motor, rare model (pic1)
21 multi pane vintage wood windows, most never used, (pics)
Antique wagon box for 2 spring seats w/iron steps, good condition (pics)
360 degree frame/body mounting rack for off frame restoration (pic1)
Antique hand tools (pic1) (pic2) (pic3)
Vintage socket set in wood case (pic1)
National accounts posting system cabinet (pics)
Vintage 7UP refigerated chest cooler (pic1)
Coal/Wood burning parlor stove and other stoves (pic1) (pic2)
Vintage Dodge City platte map, Ford Co map, Classroom World maps (pic1) (pic2)
Lots vintage wood folding chairs, several styles (pic1) (pic2)
Antique wood foot locker style box, nice (pic1)
Vintage Brass Post Office box doors, (pic1) (pic2)
Lot antique advertising gunny sacks

TERMS:: CASH, Checks with Positive ID.
NO BUYERS FEE on at live auction, 3% buyers premium on successful internet bids
ALL ITEMS MUST BE REMOVED BY NOVEMBER 5, 2019 unless storage is arranged with Seller for late removal and storage. Items not removed or storage arranged for by 11/95/19 will become the property of the seller and disposed of in whatever manner seller determines.
Load out assistance Friday, Oct. 4 thru Saturday, Oct. 12, 9:am - 5:pm
NOTE: Buyers will NOT be required to take all they buy, you may strip parts from vehicles and leave balance.
All items left on sale site after 30 days become the property of the seller and will be salvaged